Video: Social (Facebook, Instagram)

To launch Sheba cat food's new line of food, we created a social campaign featuring videos that parody the popular Tasty social videos. 
But instead of ending with the perfect food porn shot, we end with...well, let's just say when a cat gets what it wants, their owners get what they want too.

Cinemagraphs: Social (Facebook, Instagram)

Video: YouTube Pre-Roll

Using YouTube's unique technology (Vogon), we created a series of over 30 videos that allowed us to hyper-target and personalize videos based on viewers Google & YouTube search history. I know, creepy, but also pretty cool. 
Along with the Sheba brand's playful tone, and the ominousness of the phrase "search history" we were able to have some fun with this; because let's face it, when cats want something they are not above blackmailing you to get it.
Here are some of my favorite ones.